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Maintaining healthy boundaries with difficult people.

| Relationships

There are people whose lives are destroyed by associating with the wrong people.
One of the sad realities of life is that there are relationships where the only way to maintain health is to draw distinct boundaries, to pull back from them, sometimes even to not associate with them.

If you can influence them towards Godliness, do it, but sometimes they’re not open to your influence. Sometimes they’re going to do what they’re going to do and want to suck you into it and wisdom says, pull back. Don’t be associated with that.

The enemy will often send people to waste our time, money, energy, as well as those who have no intention of ever getting better.

Jesus in Mark chapter 10, could not help the rich young ruler.
… God won’t let us help anyone who refuses to except that they have a problem.
… God won’t let us help anyone who believes that we are their problem.
…God won’t let us help anyone that expects us to make greater investment in them than they are willing to make in themselves.
…God will not let us help anyone that consistently chooses harmful relationships.


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