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Love Loves The Undeserving

| Forgiveness

I think of Him getting ready to hang on the Cross. Jesus saw the back of His Father’s head–shocking thing–What love!

I think of Him looking at His church often divided, often broken, and yet not turning His back, loving us every moment of our existence, although we could never earn it–What love!

Love loves the undeserving. The shocking thing about the Cross is Jesus wasn’t dying for His friends, He died for His enemies. He died for rebels, for people who are too arrogant to confess the need of His grace.

Love by its very essence is forgiving. The epicenter of the Cross is the forgiveness that it purchased. Perhaps the reason we don’t love as Christ has called for us to love is because we aren’t willing to forgive.

Forgive those who hurt you, and ask for their forgiveness for the hurt you caused.


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