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Lonely at Christmas? There’s Hope!

| Hope

Loneliness at Christmas, or any time of the year, unsettles us. It’s uncomfortable and unwanted. It may drive us to seek false comforts. It often turns us inward, compounding the lonely ache in our hearts.

What Is Loneliness? Loneliness is “an emotionally painful sense of not being connected to others. The lonely person may feel unwanted, isolated, and left out.” It is a pain of disconnect.

What Does Loneliness Reveal? The reason we feel lonely is God created us for community with Him and others. He fills the lonely ache in our heart.

It’s important that we recognize that our loneliness is pointing us to God. So when loneliness may become painful, resist turning inward.

Rather, let this unwanted feeling help you realize something’s missing. That something is found in Jesus alone!


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