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Life Is Difficult Sometimes

| Hope

There are many times in life that I have felt deserted by God, but it wasn’t Him… It was me. Many times I went through a rough time and I cried out and felt alone. Have you been there? Sure you have, we all have felt alone, desperate, frightened, but I want you to know this: We serve a God who rescues His children.

Daniel felt alone, desperate, frightened…
Joseph felt alone, desperate, frightened…
Moses felt alone, desperate, frightened…

I have been through those many times and my faith wavered, but I have really learned to trust Him and not lose faith as I have seen Him working behind the scenes. So when you feel alone, desperate, and frightened, just TRUST!

Life is more than a short journey… He sees the long haul for us…Sometimes all we can see is today…Trust!

When it really sucks is the time you need to really, really trust Him. Trust, because you can’t fix it yourself, nor can you fix yourself, or you wouldn’t be here in the first place.
Things will work out for your good I promise you!

Let Him make the memories and write the chapters in your book of life! Look to Jesus finish in you what He started. (Hebrews 12:2)


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