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Lessons From A Blind Friend

| Faith

We Have Two Sets Of Eyes…

We have two sets of eyes. More important than our physical eyes, we live by the eyes of the heart.

My friend is physically blind, but spiritually he has very good vision. Every day, he exercises that mysterious ability that God gives to his children to see the unseen.

Our life is always shaped by what our eyes see. If this is true of the physical eyes, how much more is it true of the eyes of the heart?

What you seek with the eyes of your heart, or what you allow yourself to see, will radically impact your desires, choices, words and actions!

My friend longs for the day when he will be given eyes that see clearly. He looks expectantly for the day when he will no longer be blind.

In the same way, I long for the day when my spiritual eyes will be open with 20/20 vision, as I gaze upon the beauty of what physical eyes cannot see!


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