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Learning To Say “NO” Not Just To Others- But To Yourself

| Choices

At times we are hit powerfully with compelling emotions. At times it will be hurt, sometimes fear, sometimes irritation, sometimes anger. If you go where those emotions lead you, you will do and say things that you should not do or say.

Learning to say, “NO” I don’t mean saying “no” to other people. What I mean is saying no to yourself. Saying no to where that spontaneous anger is leading you, no to where fear may lead you, and no to the hurt that often makes you want to inflict hurt on others.

How can you do this? God knew that between the “already” and the “not yet” your struggle would be great that He did more than just promise you forgiveness. God got inside of you by his Spirit.

The Spirit that lives inside of you blesses you with the power to say “no” to where unhealthy emotions may lead you and turn and go in another loving direction.

What would otherwise be impossible for you is made possible by the Spirit’s presence and power, and that is a very good and encouraging thing!


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