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Jesus Didn’t Triumph with the Crowd, He triumphed with the Cross!

| Passion Week

Consider the paradox: to the disciples, the triumphal entry was the high point, and the Cross was the low point. But in terms of our salvation, the triumphal entry wasn’t the high point, the Cross was!

There is a beautiful truth for our lives in this paradox. We will never find our identity in the crowd. What people say about us can never define who we are.

Identity is a big thing today; people want to be free to be themselves. The paradox is that the freer we are to be ourselves, the more enslaved we become to our identity.

The more we try to find our identity in what the crowds say about us the more we,

1) Strive to keep the crowds happy,
2) The more we realize the crowds don’t have the power to shape our identity anyway.


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