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It’s Bound To Get Messy

| Relationships

Every relationship is going to experience hardships. We all go through being hurt and being the cause of hurt. Every relationship no matter how perfect, (don’t really exist) is bound to get messy.

Change is a process and not an event right? There are critical steps to the process of change. The process can take months and even years. So don’t rush it!

Here are two steps of many in the process.

1- Confession and Forgiveness. If change is ever going to take place, it has to begin with an honest confession of wrongs done, followed by an honest and humble granting of forgiveness. If you’re refusing to admit you wronged the other person, and/or refusing to let their wrongs go, you won’t ever get unstuck.

2- Trusting and Entrusting. When the past has been dealt with, we need to deal with the present. You need to do everything you can to become a trustworthy person. And then, you need to be willing to be vulnerable. Entrust yourself to the other person, knowing that they’re still imperfect people!


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