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“In Jesus’ Name.” What Does It Actually Mean?

| Prayer

A father took his young son and fourteen of his son’s friends to the carnival for his son’s birthday party. He bought a roll of tickets and stood in front of every ride and handed his son and the fourteen friends their tickets.

A little boy who he had never seen before came with his hand out asking for a ticket. He stopped and said, “son, are you with my son’s party?” No, “why should I give you a ticket?” The young boy turned around and pointed to the man’s son and said, “your son said you’d give me one.” So he gave him one.

Life Lesson: I don’t have any right to get any answered prayers from God. God does not owe me anything. I owe Him everything.

So, when I come and pray and ask God for requests, I don’t ask on my own merit but I come on the merit of His Son. “Father, I come because of what Jesus has already done for me on the Cross. He said I can ask in His name. So Father, I’m coming to You in Jesus’ name.”


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