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Imagine The Chance Of A Lifetime

| Prayer

Imagine for a moment that you have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to spend an hour over coffee with someone you really admire. It could be a religious leader, a politician, an author, a sports figure, an entrepreneur, or whoever. Just someone you really respect.

Well, naturally you’d be overwhelmed by the opportunity, and you’d think of your dozen or so questions you’re dying to ask them. But when you sit down, something strange happens. Although your hero begins by answering your questions, he quickly maneuvers the conversation so that you’re doing most of the talking…about your life. And he seems to be really paying attention.

In fact, he seems to hang on your every word as you describe even the most boring aspects of your daily life. How honored would you feel? How significant would you feel that this amazing person is paying such eager attention to you?

Now what if this person turned out to be more wise, more powerful, more good, more accomplished, and more admirable than any of the people you might have named for such an honor? Imagine that this person is the God of the Universe. And all He wants to do all day long is sit and listen to you, an activity which He finds captivating.

So now one question: Is prayer a duty or an honor?


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