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I Was So Quick To Judge

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Sometimes we’re quicker to judge than to comfort. Sometimes criticism often comes more quickly to us than compassion.

We yell at our children for doing the same things we did as kids. We think there’s little excuse for being poor and have no sympathy for those who struggle to pay their bills. We scorn those who are not as smart or successful as we are.

If you dig deep enough you will find examples of that self-righteousness functioning in your heart. When we look at ourselves and see strong, wise, capable, mature, and righteous people, we tend to look down on those who have not achieved what we think we have achieved.

So here’s what God, in love, will do: He will put us in situations where our weakness, foolishness, and immaturity are revealed, so that we might become more sensitive and patient with others who struggle! (2 Corinthians 1:3-4)

So the next time you experience a hard moment, tell yourself this: “these moments are not just for my own growth in grace, but for my calling to be an instrument of that same grace in the life of my fellow sufferer.”

God intends for you to give the same comfort you’ve been given. The grace that has given you hope is meant to spill over into hope for the person next to you. What a plan! What a life!


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