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Humility Is My Response

| God's Grace

Humility radically changes the way you respond to the weakness, failure, immaturity, error or opposition of others. If you admit how wrong you are capable of being, how you too can be thoughtless, how prideful you can be, and how patience is still a struggle, then it’s much harder to go on the attack.

And if you know more, understand more deeply, and have arrived at positions that are more biblically right, you have gotten there only by means of the intervention of divine grace.

Humility makes it hard to be quick to criticize, dismiss, or judge others because you know you’re numbered among them.

It is easy to judge people with the law that you are convinced you keep. It’s easy to quickly react judgmentally to wrong when you are convinced you are almost always right. It’s easy to refuse to listen when I have judged another person as having little to offer to someone like me.

Self-righteousness turns into a toxic and dangerous place to be, where outrage and judgment are just around the corner and where honesty is dangerous and opinions come at a cost.

A spirit of personal always-rightism will never produce patient, humble, loving responses to others.

The truth is that none of us has anything of value that we didn’t receive and, if we received it, we should neither boast because we have it not to mistreat those who seems to be without it. (1 Cor. 4:7)


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