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Hoping In Humans

| Hope

Everyone has faith, in one way or another. People drive across bridges, having faith the bridge will hold them up. Even the atheist has faith… a faith that there is no God, and personally, I don’t have enough faith to believe God doesn’t exist, that’s why my hope is not in science.

My hope is in God alone. Sometimes in life we misplace our hope. We place our hope in our jobs, salaries, relationships and even our health, and so on. Daily I am reflecting on Who and What is the object of my hope? As long as it’s in Christ alone, my hope is not misplaced.

I have been disappointed so many times by placing my hope in someone or something, I am know I’ve disappointed people who had hoped in me, and I am truly sorry for the hurt or disappointment I have caused them. Welcome to life and growth.

Placing our hope in human beings is shaky ground, we are all broken and in need of healing. I am learning some hard but needed lessons in this life. Yes, it’s hard to make everyone happy, actually it’s impossible but repent and healing is the Doctors script for the day!


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