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Help them heal.

| Hope, Restoration

Most Christians would not list shame as one of the top struggles, whether in life or in relationships. Shame is the “silent killer” that is present in most all relationships and marriages.

We are unable to talk openly about our failures, past and present. We don’t feel vulnerable enough because we feel attacked. Are we able to talk openly about our failures, past and present?

It is critical when we address the sin or failure in others, that we do so in gentleness and humility as one who also struggles, and not as one who never sins or at least “that way!” We often say, “No one is perfect,” but sometimes act as the perfect ones. We know that no one is perfect, no relationship is perfect. No marriage is perfect, because we aren’t.

Like Adam and Eve, we may be hiding but there is HOPE because God loves to cover our shame and will enable us to help cover the shame of others. The only way for us to do for each other is we experience this grace from God to us! The grace to cover and not uncover!


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