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He Will Meet Every Need. His Grace Is Sufficient

| Faith

You do not have to be afraid no matter how burdened you are, no matter how weary you are, no matter what you’re facing the next day, no matter how confused you are about life. He will meet your needs!

He has power beyond your understanding. He has love that you cannot place in your brain. He has deep, personal, specific compassion. He will meet all of your needs!

What makes us weary is not the physical work. What makes us weary is the weariness of heart. What causes people to burnout? What causes people to burnout is weariness, discouragement and trouble of heart.

No matter where you are, no matter who you are, no matter what He calls you to do, He is with you, and He has the willingness and the power to make abundant provision for you. He will feed you beyond anything you could imagine.

Divine Power + Divine Compassion= Everything You Need!


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