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He Is The God of Genesis and Re-Genesis

| Passion Week

Jesus died in Jerusalem, and when He was resurrected, He rose again in Jerusalem. Where they saw Him go down; where they thought He was defeated; where the enemy thought he had won.

If all your failures are in full view, do not run and hide – let God resurrect you where you are. Is there something you are going through right now and you believe that it’s all over for you?

Let those around you who think that you are finished, those who say it is over; let them see that God is not done with you. Let God resurrect you where you are so that He may be glorified.

He is the God of Genesis and re-genesis. He will restore you, and give you life anew.

“You, Lord, took up my case; You redeemed my life.” (Lam 3:58)


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