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Hamstring Their Horses and Burn Their Chariots

| Facing Hardships

God gave Joshua and the children of Israel numerous victories. Joshua was a brilliant military commander and fighter, but God was the source of his victory, “because the LORD, the God of Israel fought for Israel.”

Joshua had neither chariots nor horses to fight with. Joshua was about to enter another military campaign and God gave him a curious instruction: When you defeat your enemies, hamstring their horses and burn their chariots.

When a horse is hamstrung, it simply means it is crippled in the legs and can no longer be used in battle. God was saying to him and us, I am the source of all your victories, not horses and chariots. I do not want you to start depending on horses and chariots so hamstring the horses and burn the chariots.

The Presence of God that is with you is better than thousands of horses and chariots. (Joshua 10:42-11:9)

“Father, You are the source of our strength and victory. Please help us to hamstring every horse and burn every chariot in our lives, so we can be fully dependent on you.”


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