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Grace flows from scars.

| Hope, Restoration

Your wounds are what I want you to recognize and to own! Yes, own them. Don’t run from them. Those wounds, those scars, are part of you. And that, is part of what is beautiful about you.

See Jesus’ wounds? His hands? See His scars? Grace flowed from those wounds, He did something beautiful-He redeemed our scars. Grace flows out of scars, even your scars! Not because you are so great, but because of My grace upon your life!

We all have scars. This is the miraculous part of it all: Grace flows from scars. I own these scars. I smile as I look at these scars. Christ has claimed them. HE OWNS THEM! Now, let the tsunami of grace flow out of your scars into those who are broken around you.

The Church should be the greatest dispenser of HOPE and HEALING that the world could ever know. The only man-made things in heaven are the scars in the hands of Jesus, the wounds in His feet, the wound in His side.


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