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God Made Us With A Healthy Desire For

| Relationships

ATTENTION- God made us with a healthy desire for attention. We see Jesus washing the feet of his disciples, which was an intimate expression of attention.

AFFIRMATION- God made us with a need to be affirmed. We can seek that affirmation in relationship with God first, and others in healthy ways. Who we gain our affirmation from is one of the biggest battles we will face.

KNOWN- God made us with a desire to be known. The world says, if people really knew you, there is no way anyone could love you.

In healthy relationships, I can choose to put my mask down and be vulnerable. They know what I am struggling with, and they love me more, not less.

VALUED- God made us with a desire to have significance and value.
Pride says that my money, my roles or position, prove my value. Nope, Jesus says, you are a son, a daughter, a new creation, someone worth ME dying for.

We were created with these needs so that only God could meet them. He knew we couldn’t achieve these longings, and that the world’s answers wouldn’t satisfy the true desires of our heart!


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