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Forgiveness does not mean reconciling.

| Forgiveness

Peter asked Jesus, “How often should I forgive? Seven times?” Jesus replied: Seventy times seven! WHAT???

We read about God’s perspective in Jeremiah 3:34 “For I will forgive their sins and remember them no more”.

‘Remember no more’ is essential if we are ever to ‘forgive’. Forgiveness requires an ongoing effort of the will and when Peter asked the question. You will note that Peter refers to ‘a brother’ sinning against him… someone from the family of God, a follower of Christ and yet, they were capable of acting in this way.

Forgiveness is both a DECISION and a PROCESS! We must decide to let go and forgive. We must also work at forgiving and be patient. We must try and forgive even when the person does not deserve it or even want it.

After all, this is what happened when God forgave our sins when we were unworthy of His love and mercy. If God had waited until we were worthy and ready to receive forgiveness, it would never have happened! Let it go, even if it means letting “them” go as well! It’s time for you to HEAL!


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