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Five Very Significant Words- “I Will Be With You!”

| Faith

“I Will Be With You…” Five Very Significant Words!

And then God says to Gideon, “And the Lord said to him, (five very significant words), ‘I will be with you.’” (Judges 6)

God says, “You don’t understand Gideon; your ability, your calling, is not based on your courage; it is not based on your understanding; it’s not based on your family identity; it is based on this one thing: ‘I am with you,’” (Judges 6)

In the midst of life, we are always assigning identity to ourselves. You do it again and again. What’s the identity that you have assigned to yourself? Who do you tell yourself, in the midst of the difficulties of life, that you are?

Gideon was a man who forgot who he was and forgot that life and rest and ability are found in those five words, “I will be with you.”

“I’m with you, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God who created it all, the Sovereign One who rules of it all; the Lord Almighty is with you; now you go!”


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