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Falling into Comfortable Patterns

| Relationships

What we sometimes fail to realize is that not only are we responding poorly to the present moment, but we’re beginning to set the direction of the relationship. Each selfish act followed by a bitter response, damages the affection we have for one another and the unity and respect we are meant to enjoy.

Since confrontation, confession, and forgiveness are all hard work, it‘s easier arrogantly walk away, to rehearse in your mind the wrong of other’s, to compile your list, to yell in anger and to level a threat.

So many people allow themselves to fall into comfortable but relationally destructive patterns. Meanwhile, the affection and respect between them is weakening, and the distance between them is widening.

Our problem isn’t ignorance of what is right. Our problem is selfishness of heart that causes us to care more about what we want than about what we know is right. May we never stop dying to self!


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