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Don’t Quit On Your Dream

| Choices

Don’t you quit on your dream. Don’t you quit on the call of God on your life. Don’t you quit on what God put in your heart.

You might have gone through some hurtful stuff. But if God called you to it, believe that He can give you the strength, and the healing and He will be with you.

You can be rejected, you can be tempted, you can be alone, you can face the hardest situation of your life but He is with you.

God does not make you go through stuff and leave you broken.

Don’t allow hurt to control the narrative of your life!

So many of us give that hurt, give that pain, give that person, that worker, that group, so much control and we are still walking in the pain and the hurt because of what someone did years ago!

Things I’ve been processing and praying through…

ALLOW yourself to grieve the loss of what you’re letting go of. You can’t heal what you don’t let yourself feel.

FORGIVE yourself for your parts in how things ended, just like you forgave them so many times.

Sometimes the only closure you’ll get is accepting that the past can’t change, but you can and that’s OK.


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