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“…And there is nothing on earth that I desire besides you.” (Psa 73:25b)

You and I are creatures of desire. There is nothing you ever choose, do, or say that is not the product of desire.

Desire not only directs your choices, it shapes your dreams. Desire forms your moments of greatest joy and darkest grief.

Desire makes you envious of one person while being glad you’re not another. Desire makes you expectant and hopeful in one moment, and demanding and complaining in the next.
Desire can lift you up to God or can make you a willing friend of the enemy.

Desire can make you the best of friends or cause you to drive people away. Desire will make you willing to give or cause you to hoard everything you have.

Desire will cause you to submit to the King or to set yourself up as king. Desire can give you power or rob you of the power that could be yours.

Desire is your biggest problem and one of God’s sweetest graces. But there is one thing for sure; your life is always shaped by desire!


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