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But By The Grace Of God

| God's Grace

Six words, maybe the six most important words that could be spoken or written; maybe the only place for true human hope to be found. “But by the grace of God.” (1 Cor 15:9-14)

“But” is a transition word. I was hungry but I was fed. I was foolish but I became wise. That word means something has changed; something has become different. “But by the grace of God.”

Paul had just finished saying, I want you to know that nothing is more important in all of life than the gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s more important than your reputation, career, and possessions. It’s more important; it’s more important… (You get the message)

The central message of the gospel is not what you have done for God, but what God in grace has done for you. Because your biggest problem in life is YOU! Your greatest danger lives inside of you. No, it’s not your neighbor, not your spouse, not your kids and not your boss either – it is YOU!

We can’t move toward God until God first in grace moves toward us. We can’t rescue ourselves. We can run from a situation, we can run from a location, we can run from a circumstance, but we can’t run from ourselves.

I’ve found that whenever I try to run from me, I show up with me at the end of the run. It doesn’t work! “But by the grace of God!”


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