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Be Known By Your Love

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How did Jesus say people would know we are His followers? Was it by Facebook comments? Was it by how many times we could call someone we disagree with an “idiot”?

“By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:35

We are supposed to be known by our love. Are you known by your love?

This isn’t to shame you, but to call you back to who you truly are. You are a new creation, fashioned to love others, and love them well.

The world is watching us friends. What are we, as followers of Jesus, showing them? Are we showing them people willing to lay down our lives, our possessions, our preferences, our agendas, our privilege, for love?

You can disagree with someone, passionately, and still show them great love. Jesus showed us this time and time again—He showed us love in action, love in hard conversations. Follow Jesus. Be known by your love.

Today, choose someone you disagree with and love them, intentionally. Make loving them well your priority today. You can still disagree with their position, but your responsibility is to love them like Jesus loved them.


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