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Be Generous. Be Tender

| God's Grace

We are not just the recipients of God’s work of redemption, we’re the instruments of that work as well, we’re called to be His representatives.

The Bible is a generosity story. It could be summarized by these words: “God so loved the world that He gave.” He was generous at creation. He’s generous in the giving of His Son. He’s generous in grace. He’s generous in love. He’s generous in mercy. He’s generous in faithfulness. He’s generous in forgiveness. He’s generous, and so we ought to represent His generosity.

The Bible calls us to be kind and tender-hearted. We serve a tender-hearted Lord. You would be amazed what can happen when you respond in tenderness to somebody who’s discouraged, who’s wondering if they’ll ever have a job again, whose family is suffering, who’s finding it hard to be stuck in a place that’s difficult for them to be.

God makes His invisible generosity visible by sending generous people to give generosity to people who need generosity. God makes His invisible tenderness visible by sending tender people to be tender with people who need tender-hearted encouragement.

May you not just settle for survival. May you represent your Lord, represent His generosity, represent His tenderness. God bless you as you do that, you will be surprised by the lives you touch!


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