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A Recipe For A Broken Relationships- Unspoken Expectations

| Relationships

This one is more common than we realize. Most of us are walking around with unspoken, unclear, and potentially unrealistic expectations of those around us.

We might not even be aware of our expectations, until someone breaks them! This is a recipe for hurt and broken relationships. One way this comes out is when we expect others to love or care for us in the same way we care for them.

We get hurt when our friends or family don’t express their love for us in the same way we express it, and we internalize that as “I can’t trust them.”

It’s awkward, and difficult, to have conversations about our expectations. It takes courage, because if you aren’t aware of your expectations it’s pretty hard to relate them to someone else!

But if we carry around unspoken expectations, it’s only a matter of time before our trust feels shaky, unbeknownst to the person on the other side. So choose to step out in courage, and communicate your expectations. Trust me, it’s life changing.


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