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A Bitter Harvest?

| Relationships

In every relationship, every day you harvest what you previously planted and plant what you will someday harvest. When division and hostility take place in a relationship, we aren’t experiencing mysterious difficulty. No, sadly, we’re harvesting what we’ve sown.

In this world, broken people are in relationship with broken people, one of the most beautiful and protective things God calls us to is forgiveness. But forgiveness doesn’t always look beautiful to us.

Sometimes holding onto a wrong seems to be a better way to us. Isn’t it amazing that we who rest in and celebrate the forgiveness we’ve been given, find forgiveness often difficult and unattractive!

Forgiveness and unforgiveness are not neutral; each plants certain seeds and each produces a certain kind of harvest. So it’s important to consider the relationship-damaging stages of the harvest of unforgiveness.

I am deeply persuaded that many, many people are in some way following this path and many of them don’t know it.


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